Swelling After Mommy Makeover

Temporary numbness, bruising and swelling are common the first night after surgery. Drink plenty of fluids to keep up with loss of fluids. And as your body works towards shedding off the extra water weight from fluids you were given during surgery, everything will return to normal. Your surgeon will also likely give you some pain medications that you’ll take the following day after surgery. Here are a few tips on how to reduce swelling after mommy makeover.

Swelling After Mommy Makeover

Tummy tucks, breast lifts and liposuction are all common surgical procedures. Mommy makeovers are a cosmetic surgery that helps your body look how it did prior to pregnancy. 

A Day After Surgery

The next day following your surgery, you’re likely going to see your surgeon for your first post-op visit. You need to leave all dressings and garments intact overnight until the following day when operative sites will be evaluated and dressings changed. After the examination, the surgeon will place you back into your compression garment and allow you to return home or to your recovery retreat.

Here are some of the instructions your surgeon is likely to give you after the surgery.Swelling After Mommy Makeover

Dressings: Your doctor will give you special instructions for changing your dressings and showering. If you had liposuction, for example, the chances are you will have a few sticky tapes covering the liposuction incisions. These tapes will not require dressing changes and you’ll be asked to ensure the tape stays dry and intact until after a week when it will be removed.

Diet: Most patients start the night after surgery with a liquid diet before resuming a normal diet the next day.

Medications: Some discomfort, swelling and bruising are normal immediately following the surgery and your doctor will likely prescribe some pain medication. Unless you’re permitted by your doctor, don’t take any other pain medication such as aspirin or Tylenol in combination with your prescribed pain medication. You should start your antibiotics the morning after surgery and continue them for the prescribed period.

Surgical Garments: You’re likely to wear a fitted compression garment and/or an abdominal binder for the first week after surgery before it’s slowly weaned out during your second week of recovery. It’s crucial to follow specific instructions about wearing your garments. For instance, you may be required to wear your garments round the clock for the first seven to ten days and 12 hours for the subsequent seven days.

You may be allowed to remove the garment for an hour and replace it after showering.

Bathing: You’re generally allowed to shower and bath the next day after surgery which requires the removal of compression garments. However, be careful not to get the sticky tapes overlying the incisions wet as that may cause them to peel off prematurely.

Bottom Line

A week after surgery, you may start to notice a weight increase. Don’t be alarmed as this may be due to swelling and added water weight. Swelling after mommy makeover, therefore, is quite normal and shouldn’t be a cause for worry. Compression garments help to minimize swelling and bruising during the recovery process. The swelling may last for months but it’s only temporary and your weight should be back to normal once the swelling has disappeared.

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